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The easy and versatile wing foil.

The large surface area of the X-Over wing foil combined with its slim profile offers ease, lift and speed.

In wing foiling, the X-over is very simple. Not the most radical but certainly the smoothest while offering great handling. This is especially true at low speed, in light wind or in soft waves where it will really perform.

A beginner in foiling will love the X-over because it offers immense potential for progression. The low ratio increases tolerance. This is ideal for feeling comfortable taking off or exiting a maneuver. The foil does not fly too fast as soon as you climb on it to catapult you into an uncontrollable fall, but it accelerates as soon as you sheet in.

Playful, easy, relatively quick, it has all the qualities for someone who does not seek radicalism.


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Mast :

  • Mast length : 85 cm


Front Wing :

  • Wingspan: 100 cm
  • Chord: 27.0 cm
  • Wing² / Surface ratio : 4,7
  • Thickness: 3.1 cm
  • Volume: 3.36 L
  • Projected area: 2140 cm²
  • Upper surface area: 2211 cm²
  • Felt surface: 2200 cm²


Stab :

  • Wingspan: 46 cm
  • Chord: 8.5 cm
  • Wing / Chord Ratio: 5.4
  • Thickness: 0.8 cm
  • Volume: 0.14L
  • Surface: 350 cm²


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