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Is this wing for me?
This wing is for adventurers. If you are OK mowing the lawn on a traditional “locked-in” foil, that’s cool. No worries. Enjoy. But if you want a new challenge, a new foiling sensation, then the wait is over. The T1 is your new favorite foil.

Does this replace my foil?
Good question. We think it does. For more and more riders, the T1, not their traditional foil, is their first choice to take to the beach. So if you are not 100% happy with our monowing, let us know. And we will make it right.

T1 tech specs.
The wing surface area is 1850cm2. There is no rear stabilizer, so treat the wing as if it was a standard foil with a smaller 1200cm2 front wing. The T1 is a low aspect wing like a B1 bomber. But don’t let that fool you. The T1 has an incredible low-end range, glide, and a top speed of 25+kts.

So how does it ride?
It’s way more turny and agile than a traditional foil. As a freestyle machine, it wants to do 360s and tacks naturally. It has front foot pressure just like a traditional foil. The T1 is simply amazing in waves, eating up white water and putting you in the pocket effortlessly.

Who is this wing for?
This wing is for average foilers and up. If you can gybe your foil, you have the skill to unlock the T1’s exceptional ride. Expert wingers will also love the T1 and its secret toolkit of tricks and hacks.

What masts are compatible?
We made the T1 compatible with many two-bolt M8 masts with between 45 and 65mm bolt spacings.  Email us if you have any questions.

What’s included? 
The wing comes with 2 M8 mast bolts, Allen key, and a spiffy protective cover you can keep on the wing while it’s attached to your mast.

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