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PLKB – Swell V5

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The PLKB Swell is the ultimate wave kite with a large wind range and a intuitive feeling. A kite that can drift perfectly in the edge of the wind, but with a pull on the bar, it can give you loads of power, exactly if you want it.

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With a playground like the ocean, what better companion than the Swell to explore it? Get going and never stop.

The new Swell’s profile was upgraded to create a better air flow making it faster and extremely stable, also in stormy conditions. We changed the bridle setup to support the LE better, making the Swell more responsive and gives it a solid feel. The new profile and Responsive Leading edge increases low and high end performance.

You get super excited riding the Swell cause its speed, agility and stability. A kite that is pure surf and that feels solid like a rock. The Swell’s compact design creates a huge wind range, up- and downwind capabilities and precise and responsive handling that both wave riders and free riders demand. It’s crazy how much control you can have over your kite. Get confident to do anything. So have fun, all day, every day



A redefined profile and bridle setup gives the Swell V5 a significant better high end stability, resulting in more control and confidence in any condition. Turn off the power to completely feel the waves push you forward.


Quick through the turns, it can be positioned exactly where you need it when shredding waves. Even completely depowered the kite maintains its responsiveness, allowing you to quickly power up when you need to get past that close out section or to get over that big set to catch your next wave.


The bar feels truly connected to the kite making it the perfect link between yourself, kite, wind and waves. It’s easy on the arms and joints because you work with it rather than against it, while still remaining very responsive and intuitive, letting you know where it is at all times. Even after hours on the water your arms and hands will not feel heavy and will be ready for more.


The kite relaunches effortless from the water. A big advantage when it’s about to be crushed by a new set of waves coming in.



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